Vandals muck up area along Turtle Creek Greenway

JONESBORO, Ark. – Several acts of vandalism, including some over the weekend, have left an area in Jonesboro in need of clean-up.


Along the Turtle Creek Greenway near the Nettleton School bus garage (between the mall and Allen Park Community Center) is where the mess occurred. In addition to graffiti on the bridge, of which the timing is unknown, someone took an ATV for a joyride sometime between 7:30 AM Saturday morning and 2:30 PM Sunday afternoon.

The damaged bollard is a separate incident that occurred sometime before Saturday morning.

This has been reported to JPD, the mayor’s office, and Jonesboro Parks and Recreation. They are investigating, said NEA Bicycling Coalition President Brent Walker.

“That area is very popular with runners/joggers and fairly popular with cyclists,” Walker said. “It was very disappointing to see the lack of respect to our trails.”

Anyone with information about the incident may contact the Jonesboro Police Department at 870-935-5657.

“This trail is an important connector between the Race St./Allen Park Community Center area and the Mall at Turtle Creek,” Walker said. “Almost every time I have ridden this trail there are people using it not only for recreation, but for basic transportation. While mud on the bridge, ruts in the grass, juvenile graffiti, etc. does not seem like a major issue at first, it can be a precursor to more serious things to come. Additionally, it shows a lack of respect for the facilities the City of Jonesboro and its citizens have worked so hard to build.”

Photos provided by NEABC

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