Goza was fired from two departments, including once for the phony GED

Photo taken at Goza's home on Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2020 by Stephen Warren

JONESBORO, Ark. – When Egypt’s top cop resigned on January 7th for not having a valid GED, it wasn’t the first police job he had lost for that exact reason.

Goza was fired on March 19, 2010 from the Cash Police Department for “Failure to provide Valid GED,” according to documents obtained by NEA Report through Freedom of Information Act request. He had worked there since September 20, 2008.


But as we know, Goza’s law enforcement career continued. Presumably by presenting his forged diploma and it being accepted, Goza was hired by the City of Alicia on July 11, 2011. He was fired from that job, too. On October 15, 2012, Goza was fired for complaints and for using his police car inappropriately. The Alicia mayor recommended he be decertified as a police officer.


Instead, Goza continued his work in law enforcement, returning to the Cash Police Department to work under a new police chief as a part-time officer. Records show he resigned in 2014 and again in 2017 from Cash, indicating three separate tenures at the department.

As the Egypt Police Chief, Goza was allowed to resign and avoid charges for presenting a fraudulent GED and other documents to become a law enforcement officer. The Craighead County Sheriff’s Office came to the conclusion that Gerald Goza innocently believed his internet GED would work in Egypt, and thus, he didn’t have the intent to defraud.

It wasn’t clear if sheriff’s investigators were aware of this during their investigation.

On Monday, a source reached out to NEA Report on condition of anonymity (we verified the source’s identity – a relative of Gerald Goza). They said on January 25, they personally saw Goza running his police lights into Cash, from Egypt, in the Egypt police car. Goza is currently under investigation by the Craighead County Sheriff’s Office.

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