School: Unsubstantiated threat at MacArthur Junior High on Wednesday

Logo courtesy the MacArthur Junior High Parent Group

JONESBORO, Ark. – An incident in the Jonesboro School District on Wednesday prompted administrators to send out a text alert to parents about an unspecified threat at the school.

Alert sent out by MacArthur Junior High School

NEA Report is working to learn more about the precise nature of the unsubstantiated threat and once we do, will update this portion of the story with those details. Check back/refresh until this text no longer appears.

Too Often

Wednesday’s incident in Jonesboro is the latest in a string of incidents involving scares at local schools this week.

On Tuesday, a lockdown at Harrisburg High School was maintained while a search for a student accused of trying to sell a gun on SnapChat took place.

Later in the day, a scare happened at Brookland High School after a teacher overheard a student mention he had an AR-15 in his vehicle. School attorney Don Mixon sent out a statement saying the student was escorted to his vehicle where he opened it and identified where the weapon was. He said that he had been shooting over the weekend and left it in his vehicle. The weapon never left the vehicle while it was on campus and no threats were made. 

The Brookland School District appreciates the attention and dedication to safety exhibited by its teacher. This is an example of the attention paid to safety on Brookland campuses. – Public Statement Feb. 11

In the past month, NEA schools have experienced the following incidents:

  • Westside, Jan. 23 – Two students accused of gun exchange, murder plot
  • Greene County Tech, Feb. 6 – Soft lockdown following unsubstantiated rumors
  • Paragould, Feb. 10 – Threatening note found; School locked down, released early
  • Harrisburg, Feb. 11 – Student chased off campus with a gun, arrested nearby
  • Brookland, Feb. 11 – Student leaves rifle in vehicle
  • Jonesboro, Feb. 12 – Unsubstantiated threat at junior high

Also on Wednesday in Arkansas, Sylvan Hills High School in Pulaski County was closed due to a ‘viable’ threat, according to the Arkansas Dem Gazette.

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