Dog shot three times passes away during surgery

Khalida's injuries are incredibly graphic. Reader discretion advised.

TRUMANN, Ark. – ‘Khalida’ was a female American pit who never had a chance at a good life.

She died in surgery after Trumann Animal Control found her in gruesome condition, a Facebook post on Thursday by the Arkansas Pet Savers said.

Warning: Photos and information below this point are graphic

The female dog was shot 3 times. One of the bullets went through her eye and into her chest. She had a skull fracture and a bullet under her ear, one in her shoulder blade and one in her abdomen. She had heartworms, hookworms, whipworms, a skin infection and would have lost one eye.

“You can tell she has not had a good life,” The Arkansas Pet Savers wrote on Facebook. “Her hair is unhealthy, dull, and patchy. She’s been bred no telling how many times.”

Khalida almost made it through surgery. Sadly, her heart stopped as she was being closed up, according to Arkansas Pet Saver.

Rescuers gave her the name “Khalida” because of a special meaning. The word is Arabic for everlasting, deathless, or immortal. Courtesy The Arkansas Pet Savers

Now, Trumann authorities want to know who was behind this cruel act.

A $2500 reward is being offered for information leading to the conviction of the person responsible.

If you recognize the dog as having belonged to someone, or you’ve seen it in a particular neighborhood, or you just have any information that could lead authorities to an arrest, please contact Sgt. Shane Blagg at the Trumann Police Department.

Even wounded and dying, Khalida showed love to her rescuers.

To make a donation to The Arkansas Pet Savers in honor of Khalida, visit their website here. 

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  1. How can people be so cruel? If they can hurt an animal like this, then they can hurt people the same or worse. God forgive if they seek forgiveness.

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