Rash of vehicle break-ins happening in Craighead County

JONESBORO, Ark. – Of the five reports released Thursday by the Craighead County Sheriff’s Office to NEA Report, all five were vehicle breaking or entering cases.

At 4 AM Wednesday, Feb. 5, a Craighead County man went to leave for work from his address at the 10-block of County Road 303. He found the back glass busted out and two items stolen: a flashlight and a S&W M&P 9mm handgun. The man had video cameras but at the time of the report, he couldn’t pull any useful video. He told authorities he would keep trying and if successful, would share it with the deputies.

Another man was leaving for work Wednesday morning and found his vehicle had been illegally entered as well. At 7:30 AM, at the 300-block of County Road 313, the report was made. The man couldn’t find anything missing but the console had been pilfered through, as had the rest of the vehicle.

A third man who was getting ready for work found his vehicle broken into Wednesday in Craighead County. At 6:30 AM at the 500-block of County Road 391, the man got into his vehicle and left for work. He stopped for gas and realized his wallet had been stolen out of the truck – along with another set of keys.

Whether the suspect breaks the vehicle’s windows or simply enters an unlocked vehicle that isn’t their’s, the felony charge of Breaking Or Entering remains the same.

Deputies were once again dispatched to another vehicle break in around 7 AM Wednesday to the 100-block of County Road 374. The male victim said during the night, someone entered both his personal and work vehicle. No force was used. Nothing was missing from the work truck but a knife and a headlamp was missing from his personal vehicle.

The final report made available by the sheriff’s office on Thursday details a vehicle break-in that took place under slightly different circumstances. A woman had brought her husband home from the doctor on Tuesday, took the keys out of the vehicle but didn’t take her purse out or lock it. Wednesday morning, she went out to find someone had gone through her console. Her small brown leather purse was stolen. The woman told the deputy her garage door also had been left open. Oddly, a shotgun and a case appeared to have been taken from the garage – but dropped a short distance away in the yard. It was believed the thief may have accidentally dropped it.

These five vehicle break-ins may not be the only one’s that happened during the same time frame in Craighead County, as the Jonesboro Police Department will later today release the bulk of reports taken over the prior day.

No suspect information was immediately available in any of the reports.

If you have any information which could assist investigators in locating the vehicle breaking or entering suspects, contact CCSO at 870-933-4551 in Jonesboro. Or in Lake City, 870-237-4551.


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