Jonesboro teacher in SnapChat investigation resigns

JONESBORO, Ark. – The teacher at the center of an investigation over inappropriate SnapChat messages has submitted his resignation.

Below is a press release from Jonesboro School District: 

On January 24th, Mr. Blake Davis submitted his resignation from his position as a teacher and coach with the Jonesboro School District. During a meeting with Superintendent Dr. Kim Wilbanks and Assistant Superintendent, William Cheatham, Mr. Davis expressed remorse for using social media in an unprofessional manner with students. He felt it was in the District’s best interests to submit his resignation. Dr. Wilbanks will present Mr. Davis’s resignation to the school board at its next regular meeting.

A previous statement from the firm representing the school is below:

The Jonesboro School District has received multiple inquiries about the status of its investigation into a teacher engaging in inappropriate communications with students. The district wants to assure its students, parents, and staff that it is taking this matter seriously. After parents initially reported concerns about teacher misconduct to the district, the teacher was placed on administrative leave and directed to not contact students or staff about this matter. The teacher has not been back on campus since that time.

Our firm has advised the district to be thorough with its investigation by interviewing all potential witnesses and reviewing all documents collected.  In doing so, the district has interviewed nearly two dozen witnesses. It is still in the process of following-up with other potential witnesses identified during this process. At this point in the investigation, no evidence has revealed that the teacher engaged in sexual or physical misconduct with any student.

The district has consulted our firm throughout this process and expects to complete its investigation within a few days.  Once completed, the district’s administration will decide whether to issue disciplinary consequences to the teacher.  If the superintendent chooses to recommend terminating the teacher’s contract, then the teacher will have the right to request a hearing before the school board. Due to the protections provided to teachers under Arkansas law, the district cannot provide any further information at this time.

If at any point, parents, students, or staff have concerns around text messages or inappropriate use of social media by any member of JPS staff, the district asks that you report those concerns to its administration. The Jonesboro School District holds the safety and wellbeing of its students as a top priority. The district will not tolerate conduct that adversely affects its ability to provide a safe and secure learning environment for students.

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  1. My Prayers Goes up For Our Mayor and Our Jonesboro police Department Whom Makes Me and other citizens in The community Feel safe and whom Always keeps The community informed of what’s going on around Us.I as A citizen of Jonesboro Would Thank Each and every one Of You For Service and The firer Department included Thank You So Much,May God Continue To Bless Each and Everyone Of you and Your Families.

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