Threats made to shoot law enforcement, burn houses in Independence County

BATESVILLE, Ark. – The Independence County Sheriff’s Department is looking into serious threats being made against officers of the law, possibly by prison gangs over recent drug busts, a release said.

The Sheriff’s Department received information on individuals making threats to burn houses and shoot law enforcement as they exit their home. The threats are being investigated and people being interviewed over the threats.

From investigations conducted, the sheriff’s office said been discovered that the threats are possibly coming from a prison gang.

We would like to get the information out for Officer Safety. – Press Release, Sheriff

The threats are being made due to high level of illicit drug arrest with individuals affiliated with the gang, the sheriff’s office said in a release.

The threats are continuously being investigated and taken seriously. The threats will not slow our investigations of illegal drug activity.

If you have any information in regards to this, please contact the Independence County Sheriff’s Department.

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