Juvenile suffers head injury in pellet gun incident

JONESBORO, Ark. – An incident involving a pellet gun happened Saturday in the Cedar Heights area of Jonesboro.

One young victim was en route to the hospital at 5:15 PM with a minor injury, a JPD representative told NEA Report.

Police responded to Shots Fired/Head Injury call regarding two juveniles.

One juvenile received a head injury from an accidental shot from a pellet/BB gun, JPD said in a release.

EMS on scene and the investigation is ongoing.

A source at JPD told me the two kids are probably seven or eight. It happened inside of an apartment and someone was able to hear it and call 911 to report a shot heard. The kids, who are cousins, were believed to just be playing. However, the incident did injure one of them enough to draw blood and scare him. He’s supposed to be okay.

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