Unfounded call of man with gun ends with no arrests after tense encounter

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JONESBORO, Ark. – Instead of putting his hands up, an incident report says a man put his hand into his pocket as officers shouted commands at him with guns drawn late Sunday/early Monday in Jonesboro.

It happened around midnight last night with the report being completed at 12:26 AM early Monday. Officers were called to the 400-block of W Woodrow Street in reference to a male subject with a gun assaulting a female. Several officers arrived, guns drawn and on alert. At least one officer deployed his rifle due to the nature of the call, the incident report said.

Officer Cody Jackson pulled up to see the male and female in the front yard. Jackson noted the male wasn’t complying with another officer’s commands. Jackson ordered him to show his hands. Instead, he reported the man put his left hand deep inside of his pants pocket. The officer gave even louder commands and told him to take his hands out of his pockets, to which he finally complied, the report said. The male was detained without any further incident.

Once officers had the perceived threat under control, they began asking what happened. The female told police that the male usually carries a gun on him but he didn’t have one. The officer scolded her, telling her it’s a “very big deal” to call 911 saying you’re being attacked with a gun. But the female said both she and the male had merely pushed each other a little bit and no gun was involved. There was a small cut on her nose but she said he didn’t do anything physical to her. She said she didn’t want to press charges.

However, the man was criminally banned from the address.

Since no one was arrested, NEA Report is leaving names out of this report.



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