Trumann man in critical condition after shooting at suspected drug house

The sign at the door of the Trumann police chief. Photo by Stan Morris | NEA Report.

Police chief: Evidence shows the residence was distributing drugs

TRUMANN, Ark. – Authorities in Poinsett County worked the entire evening after a Thursday shooting on Ambrea Street in Trumann that sent one man to the hospital. Police think the shooting followed a drug deal gone bad.

It began at 4:52 PM as dispatchers were advised by a caller of loud gunfire at the neighbor’s residence next door, 208 Ambrea Street.

“We’ve had gunfire next door,” The caller said. “My son witnessed somebody running out of the house with a mask on.”

The caller’s son witnessed a masked man run out the door but little was known during the initial call to authorities by the neighbor. An update following this suggested two subjects may have been in the house.

Officers arrived to find an open door. About 30 seconds later, they reported one person down and EMS was needed. Raymond Pirtle, 36, had been shot. Responders also put out an “all call,” sending at least 13 officers or responders to the home.

With the home cleared, officers also found a dog shot and killed. A call was made at 5:04 for the coroner to remove a “10-7 K9.”

Then authorities began investigating what happened. From witnesses, they learned two black males, around 6 feet tall, were seen running away on foot. With a helicopter taking the victim to the hospital, authorities cleared the scene at 6:13 PM.

At 9:13 PM, officers located a firearm and an orange beanie at 300 Bell. Both are thought to be connected to this.

“We have enough information at the moment to support this residence was distributing narcotics,” said Police Chief Chad Henson. “According to the witnesses and evidence collected so far, this appears to be a drug deal which turned violent. We believe this is a targeted crime towards the victim. During the shooting, the victim’s dog bit one the suspects and appeared to be mauling him when it was shot and killed. Area hospitals-have been put on notice for any black males that arrive with severe dog bites.”

Authorities are working intensely on this case this morning, NEA Report has learned. More information about the suspects and further updates are expected in this case. Once we receive them, this story will be updated.

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