Former students damage Valley View gym during break-in attempt

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JONESBORO, Ark. – An attempted break-in to the gym at Valley View High School was caught on camera this week and the suspects have already all been identified.

They were identified before police even got the video, too. That’s because the five young men were former students of the school. All of them, according to the JPD incident report. Their ages indicate all likely were recent attendees within the past several years, making identification easy for school officials.

It was around 7:20 PM on Monday, October 21 the incident happened. There is a small weight room on the northwest corner of the gym, the JPD report said. When accessed, one can enter the gym and the rest of the high school. Between 7:20 PM and 7:40 PM, the five white male suspects tried to get into the room, damaging the door frame and lock. It was estimated to be $600 in damages, too. The report states they tried for as much as 20 minutes by pulling on the door, causing damage, and even getting some type of wire or string to try to remove the U-LOCK from the door.

But even worse for the suspects is the charge of commercial burglary. That’s a felony charge, along with a criminal mischief misdemeanor charge.

The school’s IT department went to work finding camera angles of what happened and the footage showed familiar faces, allowing them to identify all five suspects as former students. Two of the young men are 20 and three are 19, the report states, which also masks their names and other information, while the investigation is conducted.

A female witness is also listed in the report but was masked.

The addresses and locations of all suspects were being ascertained as of Friday morning.

The case is being worked by Officer Mark Yates at the Jonesboro Police Department.

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