Two different sex crimes involving juveniles reported in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, Ark. – Multiple reports of alleged sex crimes are being investigated by the Jonesboro Police Department from reports filed over the weekend.

In both cases, young boys are accused of not keeping their hands to themselves.

The first report was filed at 2:11 PM on Friday. The report stated a 15-year-old girl was riding the school bus home on Tuesday, October 8. A young boy, 15 or 16, allegedly put his hands down her pants and penetrated her vagina with his finger.

An investigation is underway into this as a possible rape, due to the allegation of penetration.

A separate incident was reported on Friday as well but this incident was alleged to have happened on the same day as the report.

An officer, working off-duty security at 2700-Phillips Drive, requested an officer after learning a female victim, 12, had been inappropriately touched by a young boy. A 12-year-old male allegedly grabbed her buttocks. Various witnesses were in the report. It was being investigated as a possible fourth degree sexual assault.

On Monday, the case was being reviewed for assignment to a detective.

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