Woman accused of assaulting jailers

Already in jail for bond revocation

Charged with two new felonies

MELBOURNE, Ark. – A woman already in jail on charges found herself facing more after an incident alleged in a release from the chief deputy.

On October 9, jailers with the Sheriff’s Department were conducting standard cell searches in the women’s section of the jail. The female inmates were seated on a bench in the hall way. Items were located in the cell of Caitlyn Taylor Haynes and confiscated. That’s when the incident began, authorities say.

Haynes became upset at this and started yelling at the jail staff. She then got up off the bench and attacked the jail staff, the release said.

Haynes has been incarcerated in the Izard County Jail since April 10, 2019 on a bond revocation for felony drug charges and battery charges that she had pled guilty to and is awaiting bed space in the Arkansas Department of Corrections.

During this time Haynes’ has had multiple incidents of assaulting jail staff, the Izard County Sheriff’s Department reports.

For this incident Haynes has been charged with two counts of battery in the 2nd degree, both are class “D” felonies.

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