Thousands in property discovered stolen from lost loved one’s home

JONESBORO, Ark. – The last thing a grieving family should have to worry about is someone stealing from them but that’s exactly what happened to the family of a deceased Craighead County woman, a report filed on Wednesday said.

It happened at the 1800-block of County Road 945 and the report was taken around noon on Wednesday, October 2. However, the burglary could have happened anytime from September 25 up to October 2.

According to the person who filed the complaint, her mother passed away and her father no longer can live on his own. Due to this, no one lives at the address anymore. The complainant, herself, lives in Clay County.

On Wednesday, when family came to check the home, they found it broken into. The criminals gained entry through the back window of the house but they also broke out a front window. They left doors open and cut off two storage building locks.

Thousands of dollars in property was stolen. Among the items taken in the theft:

  • Five Corvette rally tires and rims
  • Two flat screen TVs, one 65 inch, and one 32 inch
  • Boxes of new shoes, name brand clothing items
  • A large crock pot
  • More. Some of the storage sheds were so full, they were unable to log all the stolen items at the moment of the initial report.

Craighead County investigators are looking into the case and trying to find what happened. The file was being worked this morning at 8:20 AM, a masked update shows.

Additionally, extra patrols have been ordered for the neighborhood.

If you know of any information that might help catch the criminals who stole from a grieving family, contact the Craighead County Sheriff’s Office at 870-933-4551. You might be especially watchful on yard sale groups for some of the stolen items.


  1. NE Arkansas, especially Jonesboro, is now populated by a majority of amoral, criminally insane losers. Extra patrols after the crime. What a darned shame. Our sympathies to the family.

  2. cases such as these, it’s usually always a estranged family member. Always there is a family member that raids everything when the parents die…probably the drugged up one, always in trouble, etc. Check craigslist, the items will be there shortly.

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