Drunk driver kills someone, gets five years in prison

Issue with admissibility of evidence led to difficulty for prosecution

JONESBORO, Ark. – Dustin Lee Williams, 37, of Egypt, smelled like booze when he crashed killed Megan Holt, 26, of Cash on November 16, 2016. He will only spend five years in prison for what he did that night.

It happened about 8 PM that night. Williams was driving a 1997 Lexus on Arkansas Highway 91 when he lost control. With bottles of Henry’s Hard Soda clanking around the floorboard, he drove out of his lane and onto the right shoulder before yanking the wheel, over-correcting, and ending up in the westbound traffic lane. Holt’s 2004 Chevolet Malibu was headed in the opposite direction. She was pronounced dead at the scene at 9.09 PM.

Williams was in critical condition. He reportedly told a responding officer he was intoxicated and needed helped out of his car before authorities arrived. He was transported to Regional One Medical Center in Memphis and treated for his injuries. An Arkansas State trooper who responded to the accident reported the alcohol bottles in the floor of Williams’ vehicle. He also noted he smelled of alcohol. His blood alcohol content was 0.067, the Arkansas State Crime Lab test results stated. However, an issue with the evidence that would have affected the admissibility of the blood test presented itself during pre-trial investigations.

On Monday, Williams pleaded guilty to negligent homicide, Second Judicial District Prosecutor Scott Ellington told NEA Report. He was sentenced to five years in prison with a five-year suspended sentence (probation) upon release. He also had to pay $540 in court and jail fees and fines.

If he violates his suspended sentence terms, which include that he can no longer drink or be in an area where there is alcohol, he faces as much as 35 years in prison and a fine up to $15,000.

The Victim

Holt left behind a son and a daughter, according to her Facebook profile. Many left grieving posts on her profile even as recently as this year.

“Happy Mother’s Day to my sweet sister in Heaven! I miss you so much and wished more then anything I could have spent my first Mother’s Day with you too!” one comment said.

On February 19, which would have been Holt’s 26th birthday this year, her family and loved ones wished her happy birthday in heaven.

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