Attempted carjacking Monday night in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, Ark. – A terrifying incident was reported Monday evening in Jonesboro when a young man reported almost being carjacked by several in another vehicle.

At 5:20 PM Monday night, the Jonesboro PD’s desk sergeant took the report. The victim, 20, driving a newer BMW, said he was west on Parker Road approaching Southwest Drive. The victim said a suspect in a black Chrystler 300 pulled in front of him and slammed on the brakes. The victim said when he tried to go around the left side, the suspect side swiped him causing the victim to pull onto the shoulder.

He said both suspects got out of the vehicle – described as either light skinned black or Hispanic males wearing ski masks and holding handguns. The victim stated suspect one used the butt of his handgun to hit the driver side glass causing it to crack.

Fortunately, the victim described, the suspects seemed to be spooked by nearby people calling police. The area, some residential and some business with trees often separating structures, would have seen an uptick in traffic around this time from people getting off of work. Both of the suspects were said to have fled in an unknown direction.

The victim, perhaps nervous from events that had just transpired, even had a minor accident on the drive to the police department. The other driver followed him but did not want to report.

The suspects could face felony aggravated assault charges if apprehended.

If you have cell phone video of the incident, please contact or the Jonesboro Police Department.

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  1. A 14 year old girl was beat up last night the Jonesboro cops did nothing you think they would do anything about about a car jacking probably not

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