Krystal Burger expected to return to Jonesboro

JONESBORO, Ark. – An old favorite is expected to be announced this week to make its return to Jonesboro.

Krystal Burger will apparently be returning to Jonesboro soon, as many sleuth internet commenters figured out Monday night from a cryptic post by Haag Brown Commercial Real Estate. The post, which teases something coming soon and entices readers to guess, includes a famous slider burger that Krystal is known for.

Thousands saw the post in just a few hours on Monday with several hundred commenting on it in speculation. Radio personality Trey Stafford posted that the burger on Haag Brown’s Page was identical to another he found on Google search:

A major announcement was teased by the commercial firm several weeks back as being pending. Nothing was finalized. The word was that it was something highly requested by Jonesboro.

NEA Report spoke to Haag Brown Principle Josh Brown late Monday. He wasn’t able to confirm or deny the news. He said an announcement is expected to be made by the end of Tuesday (tomorrow).

The desire for Krystal to return to Jonesboro may stem from memories many have of when the chain operated here before. Although defunct for many years, memories remain for many who want it to return – including a page admin who created a Facebook page about it.

The page is described as an effort to bring back Krystal Burger to Jonesboro – because West Memphis is too far of a drive for the square burgers on steamed buns. The nearest Krystal Burger to Jonesboro would be West Memphis.

A location for the restaurant has not been selected.


  1. White Castle would be better. It’s sliders are like a flavor explosion all up in the mouth hole!

  2. Stein mart would be a good clothing store to bring back to jonesboro. Why did the chain leave this area.

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