Proposals to Oversight Council to be heard Aug. 29

JONESBORO, Ark. – Individuals and groups wanting to make presentations for quality of life projects to Jonesboro’s newly appointed Oversight Integrity Council can now schedule appointments for the OIC’s Aug. 29 meeting.

The meeting will be held in City Council chambers, beginning at 9 a.m. To schedule an appointment, contact Tonya Hottel in the mayor’s office at or 870-932-1052, ext. 1249.

“This meeting is not to award projects,” Mayor Harold Perrin cautioned, noting that the OIC’s work is dependent on the passage of a 1-cent sales tax initiative Sept. 10. “This is for the Oversight Council to learn what the community wants, and to present the ideas to the public so we will all understand how the revenue could be used.”

Chief of Staff Mike Downing said detailed costs and projections “are not required at this time. The OIC will not make final recommendations on projects to present to the City Council until they are completely reviewed and prioritized, including construction, operation and maintenance costs.” He estimated that process could take “several months.”

Funding of these projects would come from half of the proposed 1-percent sales tax. More guidelines for presenters can be found on the City of Jonesboro website, Visitors should go to the search bar and type in “OIC funding.”

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