Jonesboro Malco seeks alcohol permit

JONESBORO, Ark. – With many changes having already happened at the Malco Hollywood Cinema, the theater is looking to make one more big change:

Serving alcohol at the movies.

On Tuesday, Aug. 6, the first of three readings will take place before the Jonesboro City Council to grant the local Malco theater, 2407 East Parker Road, a liquor license. If approved, the request must still be approved by the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Division.

In the application, submitted by Jefferson Ayers of Jonesboro, the company’s plans are to have 15 screens with concession-type food that includes a casual dining menu. The facility would have a bar area in the front corner of the lobby with around 40 seats. A full menu and adult beverages would be offered in this area. The guestbook would be set up at the entrance to the bar area.

Malco has renovated the facility extensively in recent months, with what seems to be a focus on a more quality experience for movie goers. Reclining chairs are among the favorite changes for patrons.

It’s been a necessary adjustment for the theater business. Less people are going to the movies each year, with 2017 being a 25-year-low for movie theater attendance. The biggest reason for this, The Verge reports, seems to be Netflix and other streaming services.

The Jonesboro council hasn’t said no to any applicant for a private club permit since 2017. That’s when Act 1112 of 2017 became law, requiring a local city council or quorum court to approve a liquor license request before ABC officials made their decision.

In other business, the council will also hear the second reading for a private club permit to be granted to Texas Roadhouse, 1813 South Caraway Road.

The final reading for a liquor permit is also scheduled for Ichiya Ramen Restaurant, 322 South Main Street.

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