Jonesboro Neighborhood Coalition announces formation

JONESBORO, Ark. – A collection of neighborhood associations and related groups have banded together to form the Jonesboro Neighborhood Coalition.

The coalition is made up of representatives from neighborhood groups in the city. The group announced their formation Tuesday at the Jonesboro City Council meeting.

According to Andy Davis, Briarwood Neighborhood Association President, “The Jonesboro Neighborhood Coalition is a collection of neighborhood and property owners associations, neighborhood groups and concerned citizens that will work together to increase citizen input and impact on matters that affect the city of Jonesboro, it’s citizens, it’s neighborhoods and or it’s future.” The group first began meeting late last year to discuss how to better work together to lobby for community improvements and the formation of a neighborhood coalition was the result of those meetings.  

West End Neighborhood Association Vice Chair, Jeff Ransone pointed out the importance of working together for the common good for Jonesboro residents.

“A lot of cities have a similar group to help amplify any one neighborhood’s concerns or accomplishments,” Ransone said. “We hope that we can work together to bring more attention to important community matters as they arise.”

Scenic Hills Neighborhood Association President, Judy Casteel said the group is open to expansion and encourages neighborhood groups, associations or property owners associations to reach out to the Jonesboro Neighborhood Coalition if they are interested in getting involved.

“We want this coalition to grow and represent even more neighborhoods in Jonesboro. If we all work together, we can accomplish great things.”

Group representatives are encouraged to contact the coalition at for more information.

During the group’s announcement, Davis stated that among their first projects will be hosting a public community forum covering the Team Jonesboro Initiative. The group hopes to announce the community forum details later this week.  

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