Buffet News: Golden Corral location revealed

JONESBORO, Ark. – The former Western Sizzlin’ building will be where Golden Corral is located at.

Adjacent to both Lowe’s and Ross on Highland Drive, the new restaurant has been an enormously popular addition to the town, based on online traffic alone.

Haag-Brown Commercial Real Estate continues to develop the intersection of Highland and Caraway, which was filled with dead brands like Coca-Cola, Sears, and K-Mart just a few years ago. It now thrives with Smoothie King, Tommy’s Carwash (the space-ship looking thing), Bargain Hunt, Tuesday Morning, Ross, Play-It-Again sports and Texas Roadhouse, several of which have yet to open but will within months.

The opening of Golden Corral brings with it 160 new jobs. The Buffet Joint, LLC will be interviewing all current employees and managers of the Western Sizzlin’ franchise for rehire within Golden Corral, as well as, the group’s other restaurants across the city.

Prior to opening, the 8,700 square foot Western Sizzlin’ building will undergo a comprehensive remodel that includes both signature exterior and interior elements. Guests will first notice the stacked stone exterior and welcoming entrance. Upon entering, they will experience a roomier dining area that will accommodate over 280 guests, featuring a stone fireplace, all new furniture and fixtures, and contemporary décor.

The food presentation will also be enhanced with new buffet bars for the 150+ items served daily, an expansive carvery, and tiled walls that resemble a residential kitchen. Some of the most popular areas include the fresh salad bar, grill house, and bakery.

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