Burglary reported at Dollar Tree in Jonesboro (updated)

2016 Photo by Stan Morris | NEA Report

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JONESBORO, Ark. – Michele Barber planned to visit Dollar Tree at Red Wolf/Nettleton early Tuesday morning but couldn’t get in.

The store was closed by the time she tried to visit and police cruisers were parked outside.

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“I go to walk in (with another lady) and he’s in the car and tells us they’re closed due to an incident last night,” Barber wrote on NEA Report’s Facebook page. “I get back in my car and a minute later an employee gets in her car and leaves.”

The Jonesboro Police Department confirmed to NEA Report a burglary had taken place around 7:30 AM on Tuesday, April 16. The active investigation wasn’t assigned yet to a lead detective, making information scarce. Public information specialist Sally Smith said it would be assigned Wednesday and more information would be released then.

Unlike a robbery, a burglary does not involve a human victim present at the commission of a crime.


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Update Thursday: The suspect or suspects entered the store during the night using a key, according to Public Information Specialist Sally Smith. The suspect apparently knew the combination to the safe, we’re told. Detectives are still interviewing suspects actively as of Thursday morning.

If you have any information which might assist police in this or any investigation, contact Crimestoppers at 870-935-STOP (7867)

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