Felons with firearms found during “birthday celebration” at motel

JONESBORO, Ark. – An early morning call about suspected drug activity in a motel parking lot in Jonesboro resulted in multiple arrests.

The suspected drug activity was reported between 2:30 AM and 3 AM early Tuesday morning at 2901 Phillips Drive, unit 110, in Jonesboro. The officer, Tanner Huff, arrived and located the vehicle reported in the parking lot. He approached the vehicle and spoke to Tara Rachelle Lewis, 32, of Batesville, who said they were “celebrating her birthday.” A woman who was not arrested was also present in the vehicle. Lewis had a FTA warrant through Craighead County and told the officer she was a felon. He found a shotgun in the passenger seat along with ammunition for a .22 in the glove box.

Police then visited the room where the women said they were staying, unit 110. The door was propped open, the officer said, and he opened it, seeing Cordell Wyatt, 27, of Newport, on the bed. A male who was not arrested was also in the room. Wyatt told the officer he was on parole, meaning he could be searched at anytime. He was searched and a package of small plastic bags commonly used for selling drugs were found in his pants. A small handgun was found concealed in the bathroom behind the toilet. Wyatt reportedly admitted to hiding the gun when he saw the officer pull into the parking lot.

Wyatt’s parole officer advised he was not supposed to be in Jonesboro and asked that a parole hold be placed on him. He was taken to Craighead County Detention Center and booked on possession of a firearm by certain persons and parole violation.


Lewis was arrested for possession of a firearm by certain person and possession of a schedule VI substance.


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