For sale-alcohol arrives in Randolph County

POCAHONTAS, Ark. – February 20, 2019 will forever be the day alcohol finally arrived for sale in Randolph County.

Jordan’s Kwik Stop in east Pocahontas, formerly Watco Express, had beer trucks in their parking lot to the delight of many Wednesday morning. Social media had been abuzz since the day before about the rumors.

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The photo posted by Stephanie Weitcamp Murray was captioned “70 years in the making.”

Voters finally approved the wet-status for Randolph County last November after years of efforts by groups to allow a simple liquor vote for the county. The matter was financially opposed, heavily, by outside liquor stores.

Beginning Wednesday, those stores will begin to feel the financial pain of Randolph County’s move. Proponents of making the county wet say less drunk drivers will be on the streets because there’s not as much of a drive to and from the liquor store.

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