$10,000 reward offered by desperate mother of missing man

At the end of January, Michael Morris went missing from Olypbant, Arkansas. However, every day since then, his mother has sobbed as she searched for answers.

On January 28, 2019, Morris walked away from his brother in Olyphant, a community famous for the last train robbery in Arkansas. Over a century later, Morris’ mother, Cynthia Medlock, fears her son was a victim of crime, too.

Morris hasn’t been seen since or heard from in 23 days, as of this posting. He was reported missing to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office who, along with his parents, family and friends, have worked countless hours to locate him.

The White County Sheriff’s Office announced Wednesday it had joined the effort helping to try and locate Morris by following up on all leads and assisting the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office in the investigation.

Morris’ family has also announced a $10,000 dollar reward for anyone who can lead them to the missing man. Authorities are also offering to keep the informant anonymous.

If you have any information, please contact the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office at 870.523.5842 or the White County Sheriff’s Office at 501.279.6279.

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