NEA Report debuting brand new Facebook feature

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Several weeks ago, Facebook reached out to NEA Report and asked us to be a beta tester for a new feature for supporters of content creators.

This new platform allows you, the followers and readers of specific sites (like NEA Report), to support your favorite brands and help them to create more material.

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By becoming a supporter, which is only .99 cents a month, you:

  • Get a special badge next to your name when commenting on the news. Your stuff stands out.
  • Get exclusive access to content for #supporters only.
  • Exclusive live videos and broadcasts only for supporters.

The entirety of the proceeds go to us during the beta testing period. We will share with you what Facebook decides to take after the program concludes testing.


The news continues now...

To become a supporter, or just to check out the option and see what the new feature will look like when it goes live for everyone else,

click the link here. 

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