Swap Spot program aims to make online exchanges safe

Press Release – Paul Holmes, Jonesboro Police Department

The Leadership Jonesboro classes of 2016, the Jonesboro Police Department, the Jonesboro Fire Department and the city of Jonesboro have initiated a new program called the City of Jonesboro Swap Spot.

This initiative works to address safety and awareness concerns regarding Internet-based purchases from websites, the various local Facebook groups, or simply any other item advertised for sale from an individual, regardless of the source of the advertised sale. These zones allow a location for child custody exchanges as well.

Swap Spots provide residents a safer place for prospective buyers and sellers to meet and complete their transactions. Below are the five new designated areas in Jonesboro.

Police Station 1001 S. Caraway Rd ( 24-hour video surveillance – now open)
Fire Station #1 3215 E. Johnson Ave. (coming soon)
Fire Station #2 1413 W. Nettleton Ave. (coming soon)
Fire Station #3 2212 Brazos St. (coming soon)
Justice Complex 410 W. Washington Ave. (coming soon)

Swap Spots are clearly marked with signage and are available to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The zones are well-lit and the police station location at Caraway Road is under video surveillance at all times, providing extra protection to the public. Although there will not be an officer present for these transactions, we believe the ability to arrange to meet at the police and fire departments in an area designated for this purpose will deter those wanting to engage in theft or fraudulent activity.

“While many websites are very credible and are heavily utilized, their popularity makes them an easy target for criminal activity from online predators. The police department is pleased to partner with Leadership Jonesboro, the City of Jonesboro and the fire stations to offer a safer alternative for Jonesboro residents to help enhance safety and minimize the opportunity for an encounter to go wrong,” said Jonesboro Police Chief Rick Elliott.

“Many forms of local exchange zones are popping up all over the country in cities similar to Jonesboro as demand grows with these popular online selling websites. We thought bringing these to Jonesboro would be a perfect fit and would enhance the quality of life to Jonesboro residents and those living in nearby towns in Northeast Arkansas that often travel to Jonesboro,” said Leadership Jonesboro member Jennifer Bell.

If you have any questions about the Jonesboro Swap Spot initiative, please contact the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce at (870) 932-6691, the Jonesboro Police Department at (870) 933-4600 or visit http://www.jonesboropolice.org/community-outreach/swapspot.

About Jonesboro Police Department
The Jonesboro Police Department believes in building a strong relationship with the community it serves. Jonesboro officers are involved in many community outreach events through the department as well as with professional organizations. For more information about the Jonesboro Police Department visit http://www.jonesboropolice.com or call (870) 933-4600.

About Leadership Jonesboro
Leadership Jonesboro is a program from the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce and is designed to identify, educate, and motivate potential leaders to become involved in the future of the Jonesboro community. This nine-month program held each year has full day sessions which are held twice each month and focus on various sectors of the local economy. Members are strongly encouraged after participating in this program to use their specific abilities to give back to the local economy and to grow more involved in the local professional network. For more information visit, http://www.jonesborochamber.com or call the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce at (870) 932-6691.


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  1. They have this in Missouri where my sister lives. We desperately need something like this in Paragould !!

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