Fleeing suspect believed to have dropped stolen gun

JONESBORO, Ark. – A foot chase by police of a suspect Monday night in Jonesboro yielded several discoveries in the yard of nearby residents the following morning.

At 9:19 PM on Monday night at Belt and State streets in Jonesboro, police were performing a felony drug traffic stop. A subsequent report indicates a foot chase began between police and Leslie Armstrong, 26, of Newport.

Armstrong was apprehended that evening, jail records show. He was booked on charges including fleeing, simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms, and “assisting other agencies” which usually means an out of town warrant is present. He was released Tuesday evening near 6 PM.

On Tuesday, a man contacted Jonesboro police to report he had found a handgun on his property at the 500-block of State Street. The man noted the heavy police presence from the night before. Police found the Jimenez Arms .25 caliber handgun with pink-orange grips. It was reported stolen out of Crittenden County Sheriff’s Office. Police also recovered several bags of cannabis in the yard which were believed to have been dropped during the pursuit.

The report said the firearm was logged into evidence. It will be held pending a case out of Crittenden County.

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