City: No shooting fireworks in Jonesboro!

JONESBORO, Ark. – You can buy fireworks at several locations within the City of Jonesboro but make sure you don’t light the fuse inside of the city limits.

Discharging fireworks of any description within city limits is a Class C misdemeanor punishable by a fine up to $500, the city has warned in the past. We verified the ordinance has not changed Monday afternoon with City Spokesperson Bill Campbell.

While Independence Day brings with it the celebration of America’s beginnings, it also comes with dangers inherent to the most deadly holiday of the year.

More fires are reported on July 4 than any other day of the year, the National Fire Protection Association reports. Each year, fireworks cause on average 1,300 structure fires, 300 vehicle fires and nearly 17,000 other fires resulting in thousands of injuries.

Some may be surprised to learn the National Safety Council actually discourages consumers from buying fireworks at all.

The National Safety Council advises everyone to stay away from all consumer fireworks and to only enjoy fireworks at a public display conducted by professionals. –

While the warnings stretch across all brands, the NSC specifically warns against M-class fireworks (M-80s, etc…).


  1. Thank you NEA Report for helping to get this message out. I hope the city will do a better job of enforcing the law this year.

  2. So radio stations can have fireworks but citizens cant? If fireworks are illegal for 1 should be illegal for all! Why do the radio stations get to shoot fireworks and nobody else can? I guess regular people didn’t contribute enough to the mayor! Government as usual!

  3. Every year people set off fire works all over town and nothing is done about it, maybe this year will be different, but I doubt it. The city and radio stations go to a great deal of trouble and money to make sure the fireworks is a great show. I realize children love them but at the same time they need to be taught that some people that have been in wars, some older people and animals are highly afraid of loud noises. More pets are lost this time of year than at any other time of year.

  4. If we relied on the “professionals” to do it, we wouldn’t have a country. light em up, ya’ll, be safe and have fun.

  5. Wow so the city is trying to raise our taxes again and telling us we can’t light fireworks on our own property to celebrate our freedoms that people are fighting and dying for on the 4th of July, but it’s fine if the Country Club and The Fox has their big fireworks shows which I think gets worse every year. If the city wants to raise our taxes by 1 percent for the next 12 years because they say it’s for the good of Jonesboro then why doesn’t the mayor, city council, and some other members take a 1 percent pay cut for 12 yrs. If it would really go to help the city like they said then it shouldn’t be a problem for them it’s only 1 percent. I think it’s going to go in their pockets like the last time they pulled this crap.

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