Armed robbers ambush Chinese food driver Tuesday night in north Jonesboro

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JONESBORO, Ark. – While one man tried earning his money the honest way, two low-lives ambushed him and almost killed him to try to steal a few bucks.

At 10 PM Tuesday night at the 500-block of Marshall Street in north Jonesboro, a Dragon City employee was just about to arrive to deliver food from their downtown restaurant. He knocks on the door of the supposed customer but the person, a witness who later spoke to police, said he never ordered any food. He closed the door.

The witness then heard gun fire.

As the delivery driver left the door to go back to his car, he noticed two suspects creep out from behind an apartment nearby. The victim got into his car and locked the door. Both men tapped on windows on opposite sides of the vehicle. They then began shooting, the incident report said.

The delivery driver tried shielding his face from the blasts and a bullet shattered the bone in his arm. He put the vehicle in reverse and with haste, headed to St. Bernard’s Emergency Room.

The two suspects were described as black males standing about 5’10” but little else was known by the driver and nothing else was noted in the report.

The suspects face multiple felony charges but more importantly, seem to have acted without a shred of humanity. Individuals this evil can only be expected to act again. If you have any information which could put police in contact with them or help authorities out, even if it seems insignificant, please contact JPD at 870-935-6710j to reach the Criminal Investigation Division. Or, you can call Crimestoppers of Jonesboro anonymously at 870-935-STOP.

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