Walnut Ridge police chief resigns

Seen dropping off equipment at department this afternoon

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – The chief of police in Walnut Ridge resigned Monday after video showed him writing tickets to a man that tried filing complaints against an officer who assaulted him.

Chris Kirksey tendered his resignation letter and submitted it to Walnut Ridge Mayor Charles Snapp on Monday, June 4. Snapp forwarded the letter to media outlets at 3:33 PM, confirming the resignation.

Shortly before official confirmation, NEA Report first broke the news of Kirksey leaving the department. One of our anonymous sources was positioned Monday afternoon nearby the Walnut Ridge Police Department and took several photos indicating the chief was likely leaving the department.

Kirksey was seen carrying bags of his uniforms into the station. He was seen carrying boxes of files back out to his vehicle and one photo appeared to show an officer handing Kirksey a piece of paper which looked like a check.


Kirksey’s resignation comes shortly over a month after reports surfaced of a Walnut Ridge officer assaulting a railroad worker on the job. When the railroad worker tried filing a complaint against the officer in the video, Kirksey took the complaint but not before writing the victim two tickets – one for refusal to submit and one for obstruction of governmental operations. Neither of these two crimes were committed as the video showed, clearly.

Despite this, Deputy Prosecutor Ryan Cooper pursued the false charges until they were thrown out of court by Judge Adam Weeks, who found the victim not guilty. However, the victim was forced to hire an attorney to defend himself. Unfortunately for Walnut Ridge officials, the worker hired esteemed attorney Mark Rees of Jonesboro.

Kirksey was placed on paid administrative leave after his involvement in the case came to light and was reported on by NEA Report. Internal emails suggest he was placed on leave not because he did wrong, but for his own safety from an outraged public. However, Cooper remains in his role as the prosecutor despite his effort to cover for the police.

Mayor Charles Snapp has refused to answer questions about his police chief under the guise that he can’t speak about the pending lawsuit filed by the railroad worker against the city. Reporters challenged Snapp on his assertion of a need to remain silent regarding the employment of the chief law enforcement officer in his jurisdiction. Snapp left the last city council meeting without answering reporter questions.

Snapp’s personal truck was photographed Monday afternoon at WRPD as Kirksey dropped off his belongings.


In an email Monday afternoon, Snapp confirmed to reporters Chris Kirksey had turned in his resignation.

“Captain Jordan Cooksey will remain in charge of the Walnut Ridge Police Department at this time. – Charles Snapp

Kirksey’s full resignation letter is attached below.



  1. Corrupt, criminal cops need to be tracked as they leave one community and take their dysfunctional corruption to another.

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