Arkansas congressman joins the #deletefacebook movement

JONESBORO, Ark. – Arkansas First District U.S. Congressman Rick Crawford announced on Sunday, March 25, he would be deleting his Facebook page in response to several issues, including the Cambridge Analytica data harvesting scandal.

Citing both personal attacks on his family and the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Crawford announced Sunday he would be shutting down his Facebook page.

“Unfortunately though, some people regularly post extremely inappropriate and often disgusting things about my family,” Crawford wrote. “Coupled with the recent news about Facebook being abused for political purposes by private companies like Cambridge Analytica, I have decided that Facebook is no longer an appropriate platform on which to engage my constituents.”

Crawford said he will remain available through in person visits, my offices, email, phone, Twitter, Instagram, and newsletters. He did not mention town halls, although many commenting asked him to again consider hosting one in NEA.

Unlike many, Crawford responded to virtually all seriously comments on his government page. Even with some being contentious, the congressman still engaged with constituents on social media.

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