Meet Cory McDaniel, Nationwide Insurance Agent

JONESBORO, Ark. – As I sat down to meet with Cory McDaniel, Nationwide Insurance Agent, I was pleasantly surprised to not only see and hear but also to feel the passion radiating from his very presence.

In a field which might not always sound exciting, I could tell Cory cares a lot about helping people out. He’s married and has four children – clearly they are the center of his universe. But helping people to protect their hard-earned investments is where his heart is. He’s been with one company since he entered the insurance world: Nationwide.

It began for Cory as an idea he had while working in his previous profession: a pharmaceutical sales representative. He would go from office to office meeting with doctors who he said are not always available. While it is a fine career for many, Cory wanted to work with more while at the same time being able to help folks out. That led him to join the Nationwide family, where he has spent a decade.

“Their reach of products and markets is huge,” Cory said. “It’s a great company – very financially stable.”

That stability, Cory said, means when something goes wrong in life, you won’t have to worry. He said Nationwide is able to cut you a check to get life back to normal without added hassle.

We talked about a few of the types of life insurance Cory sells. To help me learn, I asked him why each of these were important.

  • Life – Primarily to protect your loved ones from incurring unmanageable debts without you there to provide for them. As Cory said, “your biggest asset is you.” And most people build on two family incomes. Ask yourself what happens if one of those incomes were to end. He said there is a greater chance of something happening to you than to your property.
    The younger you set this up, the cheaper it is, Cory said.
  • Business – For many, their business is the hardest earned asset along with the most valuable. Did you know you can protect your business from unexpected losses or other situations? For example, a retail policy might protect your business from theft or employee damage. Other policies can be customized to fit your needs.
  • Workers Comp – This one is for businesses too, but it is state regulated. What is the difference in companies for an insurance like this? Cory said it is a diligent agent.

    “You need a diligent agent to be sure you pay for what you need without paying too much – or too little,” Cory McDaniel, Nationwide Insurance

  • Auto – Everyone knows about this one. However, Cory stressed that, “you get what you buy,” when it comes to auto insurance. He also said that the state minimum, $25,000, is not enough to cover the sticker price of most any new vehicles. If that happens, as Cory said, you could be liable for tens of thousands of dollars in damages.
    With most attorneys also going for personal injury, Cory said, taking a little extra care to have insurance coverage for that could save you, financially. Cory said you can almost always find cheaper insurance but your peace of mind is worth more than a few cents and dollars.
    And – mom and dad – Cory reminded us you are the ones liable for the child’s vehicle, insurance, and what happens. Make sure you have enough liability!

Another reason Cory said Nationwide is a great company for his field is the vast array of insurance offerings and with that, the ability to bundle and save. In addition to monetary savings, many businesses will opt to work with Cory just to save time. Having one bill for all of your different insurance needs means more time to run your office or handle other work.

While on the subject of savings, Cory said students with a 3.0 or above GPA (grade-point average) can expect to get rewards. There are safe-driving bonuses on auto policies for no claims and no tickets, too. There are also affiliation discounts, accident forgiveness, and vanishing deductible options.

And in the unlikely event you’ll need to submit an insurance claim, Cory will submit it for you. He remains close to the insured during the process so you’ll be comfortable knowing your affairs are a top priority.

“It’s not hard at all,” Cory said.

The agent matters, he said. The agent has to be familiar with the client and their needs. That could range from cheap policies to meet legal minimums or umbrella policies with overarching liability coverage for especially high-value individuals.

Cory works all day, always. He’s an avid marathon runner who runs three to four a year. Let Cory McDaniel go the distance for you and show you why he, and Nationwide, are on your side.

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