Williams Readies University ‘Net Addresses

Photo: Screen shot of the new, mobile friendly website at WilliamsBaptistUniversity.com.

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – Williams Baptist College in Walnut Ridge is getting its Internet addresses set for the move to Williams Baptist University. Williams is in the process of transitioning to WBU, and two of its ‘Net addresses can now be accessed through domains that reflect the new name.

The school’s new, mobile friendly website can be accessed through the domain name WilliamsBaptistUniversity.com. Likewise, the Williams athletics website can be reached at the new address, WBUeagles.com.

“This is our year of transition to WBU, so we are starting to see the university name more and more around campus. There is a lot of work involved in changing signage, stationery and web addresses, but it is fun work. This is a very exciting time for Williams, and each of these changes just builds on that excitement,” said Brett Cooper, vice president for institutional advancement.

Cooper noted that for now, the university domain names redirect to websites that still bear the college name, WilliamsBaptistCollege.com and WBCeagles.com. Starting this summer, however, the process will be reversed and the main domain name for all Williams sites will reflect the change to WBU.

“This is also a great opportunity for everyone to try the new website we launched this fall. By going to WilliamsBaptistUniversity.com, they can view this mobile friendly site, which is much more accessible to phones than our older website. It has lots of great information about Williams,” he said.

Williams announced its move to WBU in September. It will formally change its name this summer, and Williams Baptist University will be launched for the student body at opening convocation ceremonies in August.

Story Link: https://williamsbaptistcollege.com/williams-readies-university-net-addresses/

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