Vandals target Girl Scouts office in Jonesboro

Sat fire to plants, broke lights

Happened over Thanksgiving break

JONESBORO, Ark. – Of all the places vandals would cause damage to, the Girl Scouts office in Jonesboro would not seem to be high up on the list – but someone checked it off on their mischievous journey between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday.

Jonesboro police were dispatched around 4:23 p.m. Monday afternoon to the Girl Scouts office, 3434 One PL in Jonesboro to take the report. Everything had been fine on Nov. 22, when staff left the building for the holiday. They returned to find the damage, including two broken spotlights in front of the building and flower beds which had been flattened and dug up.

A center block was moved around along with rocks thrown into the flower bed. Several grass plants appeared to have been set on fire, as well. A water hose was dragged around the front of the building, possibly to put the fire out by the vandals.

No cameras were at the scene to catch the criminals in the act. If you have any information which could lead authorities to the perpetrator(s), contact Crimestoppers of Jonesboro at 870-935-STOP.

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