CCSO: Woman overdoses with children in home

Alcohol and Adderall sends 31-year-old to ER

JONESBORO, Ark. – A woman was unresponsive from drugs and alcohol Monday night outside of Jonesboro – while her children were in the home.

The report from Craighead County Sheriff’s Office was taken by Deputy James Teague. At 7:55 p.m., he was called to County Road 418 in response to an “unresponsive female.” Emergency medical personnel were also dispatched to the scene, arriving before the officer.

“Upon arrival the two paramedics informed me that the female was responsive but that she was heavily intoxicated and had possibly taken prescription medication. I then spoke to the female and she advised me that it would be okay for her kids to stay at the caller’s address of (removed by NEA Report). I then spoke to the female’s boyfriend who advised that the female had taken some Adderall pills and been drinking also. Medic One transported the female to the hospital. I have nothing further to report at this time.” – Deputy James Teague, CCSO

The 31-year-old woman’s name was not listed in the report released to the media Tuesday morning. Her condition was not known. states the combination of alcohol and Adderall dangerous. The two should never be mixed.

Adderall and alcohol make a dangerous combination. Mixing the two can lead to alcohol poisoning, heart problems, and behavioral issues. … Even if you have a prescription for Adderall, you should not drink alcohol during treatment. – (more info available here)

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