Escaped inmate found in the trash; arrested

JONESBORO, Ark. – An escaped inmate who kept Harrisburg and Jonesboro authorities busy Tuesday is back in custody and back at the hospital as of this report.

Jonathan Ware was found hiding in a trash barrel in the 2100 block of Pine Valley Ln in Jonesboro at approximately 6:20 am this morning. Officers arrived shortly after the resident called for police assistance when he noticed movement and noise from his trash barrel.

Jonathan Ware was found hiding in the trash barrel and was still in the hand cuffs that was placed on him by Harrisburg Police. He was placed under arrest and released back in to the custody of Harrisburg Police without further incident.

On Tuesday, October 24, 2017 Jonathan was last seen wearing a grey thermal long sleeve shirt and grey pants and was still wearing handcuffs, which he had moved to the front of his body.

He ran from Harrisburg Police after being brought to a Jonesboro Hospital to receive medical attention for an injury he received from being involved in a domestic disturbance in Harrisburg, AR which led to his arrest.

Jonathan was being transported back to Harrisburg after receiving medical attention when he slipped his handcuffs from behind his back to the front and broke out a window of the Harrisburg police vehicle. He then ran from Harrisburg police.

After he was apprehended Wednesday morning, sources told NEA Report he reported he had injured his leg. He was once again transported to a Jonesboro hospital for treatment. He was expected to be picked up by Harrisburg authorities after 9 a.m.

Information from JPD Press Release – PIO David McDaniel

Stan Morris Reporting

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