JET ridership hits single-month high in August

JONESBORO, Ark. – Ridership on Jonesboro’s public buses reached an all-time high in monthly ridership in August, as some 13,932 riders used JET for transportation.

JET Superintendent Michael Black said the milestone is indicative of JET’s steady growth and residents becoming familiar with routes.

“JET routes have remained the same for over three years now,” Black said. “Before, they were changing almost every two years. I also believe the Transfer Center has a lot to do with it.”

The mark was reached at a time when Mayor Harold Perrin is looking at extending Jonesboro Economical Transportation hours and including Saturdays.

“We know people are working long hours in our factories and having to walk home after hours,” Perrin said. “We also know there is a need for people who work weekends and those, particularly the elderly, who need to get around on the weekend.

“Not everyone can afford or has the ability to drive a personal vehicle, and JET is a critical lifeline for them.”

JET ridership after eight months has totaled 90,629, on pace to break last year’s record total of 115,798 riders. The city has provided new shelters this year at four stops and is continuing work to make all stops compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Press Release – City of Jonesboro

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