Jonesboro ordinance: No fireworks inside city limits

JONESBORO, Ark. – The City of Jonesboro wishes everyone a Happy Independence weekend and Fourth of July, but wants to offer a reminder of the dangers inherent of the deadliest holiday of the year.

The National Safety Council anticipates that more than 41,000 Americans will be injured and about 400 will die in car crashes, swimming incidents and fireworks accidents over the holiday.

Mayor Harold Perrin and the City of Jonesboro hope that residents and visitors do not become a part of these statistics and remind residents that discharging fireworks of any description within city limits is a Class C misdemeanor punishable by a fine up to $500.


Press Release – Jonesboro

Looking for fireworks in Jonesboro on the 4th?


  1. The city of Jonesboro does not enforce this ordinance. The police look the other way. I called them 2 yrs ago about people popping fireworks after midnight and the cop came and I told him to do his job but he didn’t.

    • This Aint No Type Of Right. Like Familys Are Coming Together To Pop Fireworks Together,And They Take All That Away.. That Aint Right. But Still In Yet They Having A 4th July Fest In The City Limits.

      • Hey Jane! Ain’t is not a word. Also, you’re grammar or lack there of is that of a child’s. Just a heads up. Enjoy your 4th!

  2. So sorry John that you had to deal with fireworks one night out of the year. It’s a shame for people to enjoy themselves every once in a while.

    • When assholes like the people over where I live like to shoot them off every night for two months after the Fourth, I’ve got no qualms about calling the cops….when they bother to do their job, anyway.

    • One night is not bad it’s when your selfish neighbors buy for multiple nights and you have a child trying to sleep and multiple veterans with ptsd around and the idiots are up all night for two months shooting them off and nothing is done its disrespectful and immature and as far as time all the shows have a certain time to shut down everyone else should have the same requirements

      • This is insane I have a police officer that lives down the street. The fireworks are landing on my roof they’re everywhere

  3. Been shooting fireworks here since 1970 and will continue to do so. Not trying to make anyone mad, just to have some good clean fun got about 30 minutes of the year.

  4. If Us People Cant Pop FireCrackers In The City Limits, I Dont Think That There Should Be A Firework Show In Da City Limits..Simple

  5. if it was for 30 minutes, one night a year then I think it would be overlooked. In my neighborhood, inside the city, it sounds like a bunker during WW2 from July 3rd until about the 5th, mostly during dark hours but some are set off in the daytime too. Then I clean up other people’s used fireworks for months as the wind blows them off of my roof. Thank goodness that my roof hasn’t burned yet.

    The 4th is about Freedom but when your explosions can be heard inside my house, in my ears then you have taken away my freedom and “that ain’t no type of right.”

    Not trying to make anyone mad but first pop I hear, I will call the police. And after not having much luck with the police the past couple of years I have spoken, ahead of time to them and the mayor this year. They have assured me that the law will be enforced. Let’s see if the new police chief makes good on that.

    When professionals with a permit are setting off fireworks for the citizens, When their names are recorded and there is someone to be held accountable for any damage that is done, when the time, date and place is announced and stuck too, then that is a different matter.

  6. Fireworks are everywhere one landed on my roof where are the police now. I did not move to Compton this is insane

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