Viral post says bacteria contracted on Eleven Point river

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JONESBORO, Ark. – While NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital could not address a man’s viral Facebook post about contracting a “flesh-eating bacteria” on Eleven Point River in Arkansas, they did urge those with cuts to stay out of river waters affected by flooding.

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On Sunday, June 25, Jess Barnett was on Eleven Point River in Randolph County. While in the water, his Facebook posts indicate, he cut his foot on something. The cut became infected and on Tuesday, he went into NEA Baptist, he said. 

Everyone should stay out of eleven point river in Arkansas. I cut my foot on something in the river this past sunday and been in hospital since Tuesday. There is flesh eating bacteria in the river

Posted by Jess Barnett on Thursday, June 29, 2017

On Friday, June 30, Barnett posted saying the infection was E. coli, although the hospital could not confirm that because of privacy laws.

Later that evening, he said he was finally home. He added more information to the story, stating he had punctured the top of his foot while on the river, leading to the infection.

Danial Reed is the director of marketing for NEA Baptist. On Friday, she said HIPPA laws limited her ability to discuss this case and she could not confirm any details about Barnett’s posts. However, Reed did said anytime you have a cut while you’re on a river when there has been flooding, there is a risk. With the historic flooding across NEA this Spring, it seems the setting could be present for an increased risk of a bacterial infection.

Reed said those with open cuts should not swim.

Those who do may end up facing a similar, graphic experience:

Well it was ecoli.

Posted by Jess Barnett on Friday, June 30, 2017

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