Memorial Day weekend drug arrests in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, Ark. – Police in Craighead County encountered a number suspected of being in possession of or using drugs over the holiday weekend.

The recently reactivated Street Crimes Unit began their weekend at about 3:04 p.m. Friday afternoon, May 26, at 1305 North Floyd Street to a unit to make contact with a suspect, Hilary Dean. The unit received information she was selling methamphetamine, the report said. However, officers found Shon Ray Darr, 44, of Bono, cleaning the trailer out for management.

He said Dean had moved and left her property. On felony parole himself, Darr was seen by officers to have something inside of his boot – a case of sorts. Authorities would learn it contained four individual baggies of meth and a glass meth pipe, the report said. He was arrested for felony possession with intent to deliver, possession of drug paraphernalia and a felony parole violation.


Street Crimes continued their work into the 4 p.m hour at 2705 Wakefield, to a unit where suspect sale and use of narcotics was taking place. Marty W. McGinnis, 57, of Jonesboro, was contacted at the residence, his, and told a search would take place due to him already being on suspended imposition of sentence (SIS).


A search yielded two syringes on the living room table, three more on the kitchen counter and four spoons in the kitchen with burn marks and residue on top of them.  After being arrested, McGinnis told police dilaudid and meth were used in the syringes. He faces a charge of felony possession of drug paraphernalia and misdemeanor charges for possession of drugs.

At about 5 p.m. Friday night, while on patrol near East Word and North Fisher, Officer Ethan Sanderlin noticed a woman drop her phone charger. The simple task of leaning over and picking it up seemed to be complicated for the suspect, however, as she appeared unsteady on her feet and was swinging her arms around, the report said. As the officer approached her, he said she screamed, “What the f**k do you want?” The officer told her he wanted to see if she was okay but he said she continued to scream and curse loudly while standing in the middle of the street. She was identified as Melissa J. Benham, 34, of Jonesboro. The officer said she continued to move in a “spastic manner.” He suspected she was under the influence of some drug and although she denied it, because her behavior was aggressive and she appeared to be intoxicated, the officer said he arrested her. However, because jail was at capacity, Benham was released under instruction of a sergeant.

Before 6 p.m., another drug arrest had taken place in Jonesboro. Michael Shane Goodson, 41, of Jonesboro, was seen by Investigator Christopher Jefferson leaving a known drug house. He was later was stopped in a white Suzuki near the intersection of Main and College because of an improper lane change and also because of a cracked windshield in several places obstructing view, reported Jefferson. He appeared very nervous to the officer, who asked the suspect to come to the patrol vehicle as he wrote him a written warning.


At the same time, he radioed to JPD K9 Investigator Bailey to run a sniff search on the vehicle. The dog responded and Goodson reportedly admitted to having 1.6 grams of suspected meth inside of the vehicle. A used meth pipe, rubber tube with meth residue and a gram of marijuana were also found. He was arrested for felony possession of meth and paraphernalia and misdemeanor possession for the weed.

About 10 p.m. Friday night, Officer Michael Talley was at the intersection of Huntington and Main downtown. Talley was interviewing someone he had deemed suspicious when a man, Ronald N. Allison, 33, of Jonesboro, walked up and according to the officer, began to interfere with the investigation. Talley said Allison began to ask about police harassment. The officer told him to leave but Allison did not. That’s when Talley said he noticed the odor of intoxicants and marijuana on Allison so he told him to stay put.

Of course, this is when the report said Allison decided he would walk away. The officer told him to stop before he began running away, jumping and screaming in the air, the words of Talley described in the incident report. He was placed in custody for public intoxication and obstruction of governmental operations. A marijuana pipe was found on his person, adding a charge of possession of drug paraphernalia.

Photos from CCSO

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