Woman forced at gunpoint to drive, withdraw money

JONESBORO, Ark. – Two suspects are wanted for aggravated robbery after a woman said they got into her car and forced her, at gunpoint, to drive to banks to withdraw money.

It began at about 11:30 a.m. Monday at Sam’s Club in Jonesboro, the report with Jonesboro police said. A woman, 56, was leaving the store and putting her groceries in her car when a female suspect approached her. The suspect said she found a money bag in it with lots of cash but when she tried turning it over to the man who dropped it, he got angry and wouldn’t take it. The fishy story makes little sense as described in the report.

A second suspect then joined the conversation and both got into the victim’s car – a 2016 model car. The two suspects were still pretending to try to help someone find their cash, with one saying she worked at Centennial Bank on Caraway Road. The woman asked for a ride there to ask her boss what to do with the money – but she wanted to be dropped off near the bank, and not at it. The first suspect stayed at the location while the second, still in the car with the victim, took things to another level.

The victim was told to drive to her bank, Bear State Bank on Highland Drive. Then, the suspect still in the vehicle produced a black pistol and said they didn’t want to hurt her over money. The suspect told the woman to ask how much money she had in the drive-thru, so that the suspect could hear. $1,300 in cash was pulled from the account. The suspect, who had seen another bank card in the car, then told her to go to another financial institution. When the victim said she didn’t have money in that account, the suspect said they would use the gun if they had to and all they wanted was money. The victim drove to the bank, anyway, but couldn’t withdraw funds.

Finally, the criminal in the car instructed the victim to return to Centennial Bank on Caraway Road – but to park near Back Yard Burger. Both suspects ran off from the location, after that.

Suspect one is described as a dark skin black female, approximately 5′ tall, around 40-years-old, with brown eyes. She was wearing a short black wig, black pants and a brown shawl sweater. Suspect two was described as a medium brown skinned black female, around 50-years-old, with a Jamaican accent and asthma due to her breathing heavily. She wore glasses, blue jeans and a flowered colored blouse.

The two face felony aggravated robbery charges.

Anyone with information may contact JPD at (870) 935-6710 or Crime Stoppers at (870) 935-7867 (935-STOP.)

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