Facebook post shows murder suspect in jail

JONESBORO, Ark. – The 16-year-old facing a capital murder charge for shooting woman in Jonesboro this week has a photo circulating on Facebook of him behind bars from an earlier arrest.

Austin Dalton Ivy, 16, of Jonesboro, went before Craighead County District Judge Tommy Fowler on Tuesday and probable cause was found to charge him with capital murder of Alicia “Bird” Carr, 21. Ivy was ordered held without bond.

District Prosecutor Scott Ellington told NEA Report his office will charge Ivy as an adult.

Detectives believe Ivy had been at the 1800-block of Cedar Heights Drive with several other underage friends late Sunday, March 26, as described in the probable cause affidavit. Ivy left there and went to the 400-block of North Allis Street to an apartment where he met another juvenile friend. Once on Allis Street, Ivy was confronted by two teens who arrived from the Cedar Heights address. When the teens left the apartment, they got into a car driven by Carr. She had been waiting on them while whatever confrontation with Ivy took place.

Then, Ivy and another juvenile emerged from the back of the apartment and came around the corner. Gunshots rang out into the night, prompting the early Monday morning calls to JPD.

At 12:40 a.m., a “shots heard” complaint in the 400 block of North Allis Street sent officers to the scene of a shooting and as they would soon learn, a fatal one. Carr had been shot in the head and the wound was mortal. She was taken to St. Bernard’s Medical Center, where she died later Monday morning.


Who is Austin Ivy

Ivy’s Facebook profile, which is still active as of Tuesday evening, March 28, reveals many details the young man felt compelled to share with the world. In what may be most immediately noticeable, his nickname is “Da Shoota.”

In line with that nickname, Ivy posted many photos of himself carrying a small caliber pistol around. Other photos show Ivy flipping off the camera – and not just recent ones. From as far back as 2013 in some, when Ivy appears younger than a teenager, can this be viewed.

Also visible on Ivy’s profile was a photo tagged by Ivy’s friends. This is from an earlier jail visit, according to Ellington, who told NEA Report on Wednesday Ivy was now in black and white scrubs.


The Victim

Documents as well as social media discussion make no secret about Carr being the driver of two who were confronting Ivy but it is also worth noting she was the least involved in whatever events led to the shooting early Monday. As one pointed out on Facebook, correctly so based on the affidavit, she was not only left alone in the car during the confrontation which sparked Ivy’s alleged gunfire, but she was tragically left alone after being shot in the head with a mortal wound. She lay dying in the car alone.

19238818_1490715306.3076 (1)Carr was a mother of a baby boy, several posts on social media say.

The hashtag #JUSTICEFORBIRD has emerged in many posts by friends who remember the young girl.

One posted, “She always smiled no matter what was going on. She was realer than anybody I know. Nobody can replace that smile she always had.”

Sadly, no one will be able to replace the mother for the baby boy left behind by this madness, either.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for funeral costs for Carr.

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An earlier version of this story mistakenly presumed the featured photo was of the suspect following his latest arrest. This photo was from an earlier arrest. NEA Report regrets the error. 


  1. Dude, why do you guys only show the “bad” pictures of him? She was constantly on facebook talking about drugs, gangs, and the like. Don’t act like she didn’t also commit horrible crimes on the daily.

    • Regardless of the crimes this young girl committed, it doesn’t make it OK for her to have gotten shit and killed. No one deserves that. Especially her child.

    • Regardless of the crimes this young girl committed, it doesn’t make it OK for her to have gotten shot and killed. No one deserves that. Especially her child.

    • There is an astounding difference between using drugs and committing murder. Maybe you should re-evaluate this world and where you are at in it. Because from my view, the only way you could possibly defend this shitheads heinous crimes, is that you were his friend. If that’s the case your probably another wanna be thug, just waiting to be an obituary post in 3 years time.

    • So??! She didn’t kill anyone!! So what she smoked weed and posted shit. she didn’t deserve that! Or to be taken away from her baby!

    • This post is correct. She had another fb page that has since been deleted that showed many pix of her with what appears to be various types of drugs. She may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time but she was not innocent.

  2. It might be true that she didn’t deserve to be killed, but if she’s living a dirty skanky life, then she should’ve known better.

  3. Oh, but I do hope this wigger gets life. From all the news this dude was an idiot that should’ve been put down a long time ago.

  4. This is a terrible horrible tragedy. To all young adults, especially young adults who are parents….First of all, prioritize your own safety and that of your child. Don’t hang out with shady people, especially shady people who have you drop them off doing shady things at somebody’s apartment in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. These are life and death decisions sometimes! Can never end well. I feel sad for her family.

  5. No matter what a person do, did etc don’t deserve death especially in this satiation, no matter how you point some blame on her it’s still a life that’s been taken and a motherless child and he will have his life they both should’ve had their ass in the house somewhere

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