Counterfeit cash passed at restaurants in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, Ark. – Watch out for counterfeit $100s if you’re a cashier at a restaurant. Reports suggest the fraudulent money is being passed around town.

One of those reports was taken by Jonesboro Police Department Officer Ryan Crawford. At 10:08 p.m. Monday, Crawford was dispatched to Kentucky Fried Chicken in reference to counterfeit money being passed by a white male driving a blue vehicle.

The officer spoke with a witness, a juvenile, who said two white males came through the drive-thru in a blue car. They ordered and the driver handed over the $100. He asked for change in $20 and $1 increments but the witness could tell the hundred dollar bill was fake. When the manager returned to the window, the suspect appeared get nervous and they drove away.

The money states on the front of it, “For Motion Picture Use Only,” and “This Note Is Not Legal It Is To Be Used for Motion Pictures.” Police have previously told NEA Report the money can be ordered online in enormous sums for relatively cheap, under the guise of making a movie.

“Witness 1 described the suspect as being a white male brown fuzzy hair and clean shaven,” Crawford reported. “Witness 1 also stated that the suspects were in a blue two door passenger car. I asked Witness 1 if he thought that the suspect vehicle was a Chrysler and he advised that it could have been but that he was not certain. Witness 1 could only describe the suspect vehicle as older. Witness 1 estimated the suspects age to be in the mid thirties to early forties.”

Crawford noted a similar call from Sunday at Wendy’s, 3012 Southwest Drive in Jonesboro, with the same description of the suspect and suspect vehicle.

Police continue their investigation. Anyone with information about the case may contact JPD at (870) 935-6710 or Crime Stoppers at 935-7867.

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