April 1: Historic "Hammer Time" duck call auction

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – For years before he was the mayor, Charles “Hammer Time” Snapp amassed an extensive duck call collection which is invaluable to enthusiasts.

Saturday, April 1, the duck call collection will be sold. Charles and Jackie Snapp are hosting a huge liquidation auction.

It’s a big story to the right audience but many of those won’t be able to make it to Walnut Ridge. NEA Report will be streaming the auction live at Facebook.com/NEAReport for both interested parties to see what type of prices are brought by these rare calls but also, to allow out of state bidding.

Advanced registration will be required. Contact Ryan Jones Auctions for more information (see below).

This is a paid sponsorship by the Snapp Liquidation Auction to NEA Report.

Find out more information below and if you’re interested, be there – or pre-register for bidding and watch the event live Saturday, April 1, beginning at noon on our Facebook page. 

This will be conducted by Ryan Jones Auctions, with Ryan Jones as auctioneer. AALB#2051. www.RyanJonesAuctions.com


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