Jaw-jacking student gets disorderly conduct charge

JONESBORO, Ark. – A Success Academy student had several opportunities to make the right decision while interacting with a Jonesboro officer Tuesday but he took the wrong path, according to the report.

At about 12:40 p.m. on Tuesday, JPD Officer Paul Williams was working as a school resource officer at Success School. While walking the hallways, he reported that he heard juvenile officer Aaron Moore instruct two students in classroom 404 to get out of the doorway and to go inside the classroom.

But as he looked toward the classroom, he said he saw the two juvenile males standing in the doorway, not complying to officer Moore, who told them again to get out of the doorway and go in the classroom.

“I was near the classroom so I began to walk in their direction,” Williams reported. “As I approached the door, one of the boys began to walk away from the door into the class, but the other closed the door and remained at the door. I opened the door and instructed Arrestee 1 to get out of the doorway and go sit down. He turned to walk away and said, ‘shut the f*** up talking to me.'”

Even with this moment of bad judgment, the officer seemed to give him a chance to correct himself. Asking the student to stop, the officer asked if he had heard him correctly.

The 17-year-old he repeated it a second time as he continued to walk away.

The officer told the troubled teen to stop several times but he refused. He went to the back of the room, the report states, climbed on the countertop – not his desk – grabbed his laptop and put his earphones on. The officer, telling him not to, took the earphones from the disobedient teen.

“As I took his laptop he looked at me and said, ‘Give me my mother fu**in Macbook, bruh,'” Williams reported. “I told him to come with me, but he refused and started to walk away. I then grabbed him by the arm, to which he tried to pull away. I placed him in handcuffs and escorted him to the principal’s office.”

Even with all of that, Officer Williams informed the principal that if she could get a family member to the school that he would not be transported to the Craighead County Detention Center. Indeed, his uncle arrived and took him home, per his mother’s request.

The 17-year-old was given a juvenile citation for disorderly conduct. The mother was not able to come to the school to sign the citation, but was informed of the charge and to contact the juvenile probation office within 48 hours.

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