Late wrestler "Outlaw" Ron Bass was A-State grad

JONESBORO, Ark. – Pro wrestling fans are remembering an “Outlaw” of the squared-circle following his death this week but in NEA, some might be surprised to learn of the man’s roots.

“Outlaw” Ron Bass, real name Ronald Heard, was a professional wrestler many modern fans, especially younger viewers, never heard of until Tuesday, when he passed away. Never featured as one of the mainstays like Hulk Hogan or ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage, Heard was still one of the company’s regular talents who traveled on the road for many years, a report discussed.

Billed as a rough’n tough Texan, Heard was not actually a Texas native. It was Poinsett County, Arkansas which hosted the birth of the physical entertainer.

On December 21, 1948 Heard was born in Harrisburg, Ark., several sources say. After retiring in 1991, Heard then attended Arkansas State University, graduating with his bachelor of science degree, according to

RonBasspic.jpg“There was life after wrestling for me,” Heard said. “A lot of them can’t cut loose. It’s like a drug addict — if you don’t get away from it, you’ll never get out of it.”

With plans for life after wrestling, he then moved to Tampa, Florida and became a sales rep for a supply company handling construction materials, his WWE story said.

Heard even delved into acting prior to his death to star in a motion picture release set for 2018. The film is called Silent Times, said.

Bass passed away Tuesday, March 7, 2017, at the age of 68, in Tampa. The cause of his death was an apparent ruptured appendix, a report by Greg Oliver at Slam! Wrestling stated.

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