Vehicle submerged, pulled from pond at Marion Berry Overpass

JONESBORO, Ark. – A vehicle was submerged underwater at the man-made pond by the Marion Berry Overpass near Arkansas State University in Jonesboro.

It was during the lunch hour the report came in to NEA Report – around 12:50 p.m. at least six Jonesboro Police Department cars were reported. The vehicle appeared to be an SUV to a nearby driver. It was difficult to see, the driver reported – and the back edge of the vehicle was the only thing out of the water.

It is not visible in photos from the road – but JPD’s Paul Holmes confirmed the scene was being worked as a submerged vehicle. It was also confirmed by JPD the vehicle was not occupied and the driver was pulled out of the SUV before it went into the water.

Arkansas State University police are also on the scene. Traffic may be backed up in the area.

Featured photo sent by reader, Morgan Hedrick. Second photo sent by anonymous viewer.

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