Lawrence County Success Scholarship Launched at WBC


WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – A new scholarship fund at Williams Baptist College will benefit graduates of all four high schools in Lawrence County.  The Lawrence County Success Scholarship, which is funded by local donors, will be awarded yearly to four high school graduates, one each from Hillcrest, Hoxie, Sloan-Hendrix and Walnut Ridge schools.

The scholarship is the brainchild of WBC Board Chair J.R. Cox of Walnut Ridge.

“Students from across the country and around the world come to Lawrence County to get a Williams Baptist College education.  It is an outstanding college, and we want to make it possible for more of our local students to get such a fine education,” Cox said.

The scholarship is renewable, meaning recipients who meet required academic standards will receive it for four years, according to Brett Cooper, WBC’s vice president for institutional advancement.

“At the current level of donations and commitments we have received, we plan to award each recipient $1,000 per year.  That means the scholarship is worth $4,000 per student over the course of four years at Williams,” Cooper said.  “This scholarship also can be applied on top of other scholarships these students may receive to cover college expenses.”

The scholarship will be available starting with the 2017 spring semester.  WBC’s Office of Financial Aid will determine recipients, and the criteria will be both academic ability and financial need.

“We believe there are some fine students across Lawrence County who are highly capable of college, but they may not receive the level of scholarships or have the family resources they need to attend.  We especially want to help those students with the Lawrence County Success Scholarship,” Cox said.

Those who have made gifts or commitments to support the Lawrence County Success Scholarship at Williams include: Bryan Funeral Home, Donald & Fran Cavenaugh, Clark General Contractors, Brett Cooper, J.R. & Jackie Cox, First National Bank of Lawrence County, Brad & Angela Flippo, Rickey & Virginia Goff, Iberia Bank, Dana & Kelly Kelley, Leroy & Elizabeth Lacy, Thomas & Hazel Marbry, Merle & Vickie Mitchell, Regions Bank, Tom & Mary Evelyn Sloan, John & Rita Thomison and Warren & Melinda Williams.

“We are still seeking supporters for this very worthy scholarship.  It is our goal to build this scholarship fund further so that we can do even more for our Lawrence County students, and we will need more supporters to make that happen” Cooper said.

Those interested in supporting the Lawrence County Success Scholarship at WBC can contact Brett Cooper at (870) 759-4107 or

Williams is a four-year, Christian, liberal arts college in Walnut Ridge.

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