Man arrested at hospital ends back up at hospital for OD

JONESBORO, Ark. – After a man made a scene at St. Bernard’s Medical Center, he took a trip to jail but ended back up at the hospital after police believe he overdosed on methamphetamine during the ride to jail.

The incident report begins Saturday morning. At 11:36 a.m., Jonesboro Police Department Officer Jonathan Haggans was dispatched to St. Bernard’s MICU area to deal with an unruly subject, Timothy D. Greene, 38, of Jonesboro. Greene was reportedly arguing with a patient’s mother. The patient, whom Greene had brought to the hospital, was being treated for a possible overdose. Not being a relative to the patient, Greene was asked to leave by her mother and hospital staff obliged. But Greene didn’t.

Greene was handcuffed, due to what the officer noted was his demeanor. A small, round can containing a number of blue, green and orange pills was found. He said he was holding them for a friend. The officer escorted him to his patrol car, asking if anything else illegal was on the suspect’s person. The suspect replied no.

While en route to Craighead County Detention Center, the officer noticed the suspect was moving around a great deal, even unbuckling himself and appearing to fidget with items in his pants. Another officer was called and he was resecured at the Justice Complex on West Washington Avenue. The officer noticed he had appeared to pull something from inside of his underwear. Police warned Greene he would be charged if he had other drugs on him once they reached CCDC. Greene reportedly began to cry and said he didn’t want to be arrested.

As they resumed the drive, once again, Greene continued his movements. He turned away from the camera at one point, leaving his face unseen by the officer.

By the time they arrived at the jail, Greene was breathing hard and growling, the report says. The officer made him spit a plastic bag out with white powder, which Greene said was caffeine. A test kit for meth turned purple with the powder, indicating a positive result. However, before police could finish examining the results, Greene began to show symptoms of a drug overdose.

The jailer alerted Officer Haggans he would need to return Greene to the hospital, as he was “going downhill fast.” The suspect, having a hard time walking, shaking and even moving, was helped back into the patrol car.

Greene was returned to St. Bernard’s Medical Center for immediate treatment by doctors and nurses of a possible overdose of methamphetamine.

He will be charged with felony possession of meth, misdemeanor tampering and misdemeanor possession of a schedule IV or V substance, the report says.

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